The ‘Bandhgala’ (meaning: closed neck) traces its roots to Jodhpur where it was worn by Maharajas and Princes for centuries. It is also called the ‘Jodhpuri Suit’, for obvious reasons and has a rich history which has captured the imagination of many an Indian as well as international designers. Here are some useful suggestions for you to style your bandhgala with ease.

#Tip 1

Consider wearing the classic Jodhpuri Suit instead of your tux or suit-n-tie at the next formal tie event. It will be a refreshing change for you and is bound to make you stand out from everyone else. Moreover, great things come from stepping out of your comfort-zone!

#Tip 2

Please take this as our personal request, to all the men reading this, to shave your neck and under-chin before considering any variation of the bandhgala. Although the name is bandhgala, you don’t want to land up looking like a furry animal is trapped around your neck! Practically, it also makes sense to keep ventilated, read sweat.

#Tip 3

For semi-formal occasions, you could choose a neutral coloured short-length bandhgala without sleeves. Pair it with a crisp pastel shirt underneath and a quirky, contrasting pocket-square. Go for complementing well-tailored, fitted trousers below and loafers or sandals to complete the look.

#Tip 4

The bandhgala complements jewellery, if you choose to wear any. Choose a statement neck-piece worn over the bandhgala collar. There are also stunning buttons and cufflinks for your suit. Keep in mind that less is more.

#Tip 5

You can have fun with colours, fabrics, prints, cuts… the combinations are endless. All you need be is fearless and embrace your freedom to express yourself through this versatile outfit.

The bandhgala transitions very well from day to night, from formal to informal with very minor adjustments.

Here are a few styles from Raghavendra Rathore to get you inspired. So go ahead and experiment!

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