Sportswear has got a bad rap in recent times for giving people an excuse to wear ‘lazy’ clothes all the time. But hey, what’s wrong with that? Granted that one does have to look put-together but it does not have to cost anybody their comfort. We can think of 7 reasons why sportswear is cool even off the track or field.

#1 At the Mall All Day

Did anybody forget how comfortable track pants are? In fact, they are the perfect pick to run errands all day without a care. Walking around a mall or a supermarket is quite exhausting and you want to be prepared.

#2 Show off Those Muscles

Let’s be honest, if you’ve trained hard to have those muscles, nothing shows them off like a little bit of Lycra. You never know when you might need to flex them and you don’t want any awkward rips when you do so.

#3 Sneakers

There is an entire industry dedicated to creating the coolest ‘sports’ shoes around – sneakers! Everyone knows that owning the latest sneaker ups your cool quotient quicker than anything else ever could.

#4 Change Your Image

People will look at you and think that you are an outdoorsy, fun and adventurous person… who doesn’t want that? It is always better than being seen as a loner who only has shirts and pants to wear, even to the park!   

#5 Adds Colour to Your Life

The vibrant colours of sportswear add a pop to your wardrobe, which perhaps it could do with. It lets you have a change from your usual work-wear and formals which can get boring.

#6 For Travel

Could you imagine sitting in formals or fitted jeans, on a long journey? Frankly, even the thought is uncomfortable. But nobody feels that way about sweatpants, yoga pants or leggings. They allow your body to expand, stretch, bend or twist, when it needs to.

#7 Be Inspired

We all need some inspiration and motivation. So if you want to take up a sport which you had left for whatever reason, then maybe you should start by wearing the clothes that go with it. This might give you that push you need to get you moving.

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