3Seventy Retail presents Raghavendra Rathore’s flagship luxury menswear store in Surat for clothing and accessories. The collection from the master craftsman, whose fashion empire is the first name of luxury out of India, reflects a romantic nostalgia of the rich heritage of Marwar.

Raghavendra Rathore’s bespoke creations interweaves the rich legacy of Marwar into finest collectible pieces of cultural diversity, class and timeless style. At Surat, Raghavendra Rathore’s exclusive store presents his classic yet modern; couture and ready-to-wear collection.


Raghavendra Rathore marries haute couture with the excellence of a tradition that epitomise an unrivalled sense of luxury. Ancient heritage with a modern twist - his collections reflect a contemporary desire to delight, with a whisper of eternity that defines the true work of art.

Carrying on the traditions of the aristocratic tailor services, the brand specialises in giving an eastern philosophy to the meticulously customised apparel, that speaks volumes regarding the precision and care that goes behind the making of it.

Techniques of tailoring have been adapted from 1200 years of hand crafting that was inimitable to the isolated Thar region. Each inspirational template is diverse as the selections in designs are made depending on which house of royalty it is coming from. The intent is to work with classic timeless fits and structuring that add authenticity and add relevance to every ensemble. There is an extremely methodical process that is followed from measuring, to fabric selection, customisation & fittings, to ultimately completion of the garment. Special care is given not only to the outside but the inside of every hand tailored garment.

What's In Store

An elegant luxury-shopping destination spread across 2000+ square feet of the most prestigious address in Surat at Ghod Dod Road. The Raghavendra Rathore bespoke boutique has the vast selection of men’s tailored and ethnic samples, specially woven in looms across the rich landscape of India.

Each outfit is displayed as an individual design, upon which custom orders can be taken, in the choice of colour and slight detail change that the client may want. Providing a personalised experience to create your own outfit in the guidelines set by Mr. Rathore for each design, the store has a special area where consultation take place with a rich resource of thousands of fabrics and an image bank of the latest collection. Bandhgala suits, Breeches, Waistcoat, Kurta, Cufflinks, Pocket Square, Shoes and a full selection of personalised clothing, the story is unique from any other retail stores of its kind.