Polo T-shirts have different images, depending on whom you are speaking to. Some people associate them with their dads and uncles, while others are see them as an easy option if ever confused about what to wear. The reason there are varied opinions has to do with how simple yet versatile polo tees are.

# Formals

Depending on how strict your workplace is, there is always a polo you can carry off.

A plain, neutral polo t-shirt under a thin, U-neck pullover with the collar sticking out, a sharp formal jacket over it and tailored trousers with polished leather lace-up shoes, is the epitome of formal cool. 

# Semi-Formals

Although this look is a relaxed one, there has to be thought that goes into creating it.

Pastel shades, small print or symmetrical patterned polo tees will work best under a structured, open jacket in a strong colour and light fabric. Pair it with soft, comfy khaki pants and leather loafers or plain white sneakers. Don’t forget to complete the look with a pair of stylish shades.

# Casuals

Here is where you can have some fun with polo tees. Be it with fun summer colours, contrasting shades or varying stripes, they are all there for your choosing. 

But be sure to choose tees according to your body shape to allow the t-shirt to truly flatter you. If you’re heavy around the belly, avoid short tees and horizontal stripes, for instance. You can pair them with three-fourths, shorts or drawstring trousers and sandals, leather slippers or even floaters.

# Sports

‘Polo’ tees, as the name suggests were worn while playing the sport of Polo. So if you also have an interest in this sport, then this tee would make a perfect fit. 

Also, we could bet that every golfer has at least a few of these in there wardrobe. Other than this, these t-shirts make an appearance in all kinds of sporting activities such as sailing, bowling, tennis and even cricket.

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